Movement to Close Rikers Island

Survivors of Rikers have forced the City to face the human rights crisis that is Rikers Island and move to close it. On October 19, 2019 New York City Council responded to the calls of formerly incarcerated people by voting 36-13 in favor of closing Rikers, reducing New York City’s jail capacity by 75% and improving conditions for anyone detained. 

There have been several past attempts at closing the 400-acre, 10 facility jail complex known as Rikers Island. The most recent effort has been the first led by formerly incarcerated people.

We have made important progress, but Rikers Island is not yet closed, and we must keep the pressure on.

Read a one-pager on our plan to close the ten jails on Rikers Island, check out our issue briefs, and explore our infographic for candidates and elected leaders.


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